A New Day

Today marks a new day. There is a new president in the office whom some would say has less than desirable character traits. Nonetheless Trump will be our new commander and chief. He will have the most powerful office in America with access to control like he has never had before. It will be a trying time for the american public and democratic party. I myself am unbiased towards the election apart from cultural conditioning upon myself that we are all subject to through the vast array of media channels these days. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to have Trump win even if I thought Hilary was the better option, according to media and skeptical peers.

I acknowledge the truth of my ignorance towards the american government and societal system as a whole. Therefore, I did not vote in this election. A friend of mine today said she does not feel informed enough about the election to make an educated vote. Therefore, she refrained from participating. This is the same stance that I took regarding this controversial election. I tend to believe that God will also play a part in all of this somehow. In ways that of course, we cannot conceptualize or understand. The people of America will find what they are looking for in their president elected today. They will not find this today however. But they surely will find it in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled and your minds open. Stay focused on what you believe in. Don’t let the distractions of media and political upheaval capture your dreams.