Back To Reality

The last post I had on here was regarding the election and I know a lot of people were feeling like they needed to vent so I thought I would share my two cents in the discussion. Now that I have had the chance to get that off my chest I can get back to writing about God. Yes the man (or woman) upstairs. Church has always been a big part of my life. Growing up as a christian in Kentucky we are all expected to be Christians. To us being Christian was the same as being Catholic. It was all under the same roof. The Catholics had more structure in their approach to God, well in the eyes of Priest anyways. Today, it is a bit different.

Most people I know are Christian, very few are actually Catholic. Where did the cause of this stem from. Was it the structure of Catholicism that prevented my generation to walk in the steps of their parents and grandparents? Regardless of the reason behind the retreat from the conventional Catholic approach to communing with God, it happened. Have you seen the same progression in your area? The ratio of Christian based religions overtaking Catholics at a growing rate? I most certainly have, and am curios to hear some feedback from other folks, like yourself.

Send me an email if you’d like to discuss further or have statistics that I can look at. I’d love to post them here!