Building Faith in Business

Is it possible to build faith overtime without doubting oneself or doubting God’s plan and God himself as the Creator? Is it possible to never have doubts when it comes to a faith based lifestyle in todays society?

We are constantly being tested and tried by our peers and ‘leaders’ when we look to God for answers in which we do not have. If we are raised in this environment, our faith limits will be pushed to the maximum, sometimes beyond repair. That is why building your faith atop a strong foundation that can hold the weight of mountains is necessary in todays world. My nephew works at a christian based plumbing company in Tennessee, their website┬áis bringing them business through church outreach and social media. This is how the decided on building the foundation of their customer base, through church referrals and God’s grace. Today their business is blessed with customers far beyond what they had imagined. Now, I bring this up, not to brag on my family but to point out the benefits to building faith on a strong foundation. As some may not want to believe, the church, also known as the Body of Christ, has a strong foundation still today. This foundation holds up many small business’s and entrepreneurial dreams of living financially successful lives. Which in turn, gives back to the church and the community the church resides in. Building a relationship with church communities like my nephew’s plumbing company did, is a prime example of how our youth can still utilize the church and all its hospitality for growth, not only personal but also business and commerce as well.

Why not, as a faith based culture, utilize the church efforts more often for such advantageous pursuits. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach to business, by backing it with the foundation of the church. This business model should be more sought out and voiced among the world today. We are leaving a heap of people in the dark by not speaking up about such practices. Think about all the people the church has the ability to touch and commune with if we would become more open this way of connecting small business’s of the church with today entrepreneurial community such as my nephew’s plumbing company, and so many more throughout the world.

The opportunity is there. I say we take it. And lay it upon the foundation of God