Creating The Right Environment For Our Future

I’d like to start this post off by saying I am very optimistic for the future of humanity. There is no good reason to be pessimistic right now while we are living in the greatest times of human existence, and I sincerely mean that. There has never been so much innovation, economic progress, or connectivity that there is now. Sustainable movements are on the rise, deep conversations regarding faith whether in God or in Humanity, and people are beginning to bring the conversation of racism to the forefront of mainstream media. Compared to the barbaric days of past, human rights today are continuing with more freedoms than ever before.


How many of you growing up ever thought we would make it to the moon? Many of you are old enough to remember that was actually a feat our race has not yet surpassed. Can you believe we were actually living in a world where sending a rocket to the moon was not yet actualized? Now, our next efforts in space are aimed at the planet we call Mars. Elon Musk and Space X have dedicated their existence to bringing this new extraordinary expedition to reality. However this mission will not be to land on the moon to never return, but to colonize the surface of Mars with humans equipped with sustainable technology allowing them to live indefinitely on the surface of the planet.

Economic Progress

How many people do you know in your circle that have expressed the idea of living with the “new rich”? Or perhaps you have read the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, and you know where I am going with this. Given the vast reach the internet has on our society today, the ability to generate income for our family or Church has dramatically improved. It would be extremely advantageous of anyone reading this to learn a new skill that they too can monetize while online. I am guess that many of you spend roughly 4 hours a day online anyways. See my point?


This last section follows up economic progress by stating the obvious, our potential to connect with the masses now is actually achievable. With 1 viral video, you could literally reach millions of people over night. What will you say? What do you have to contribute? I assure you it doesn’t have to be anything special as all you have to do is scroll through Facebook to see that cat and dog videos get the most attention and engagement. So need not worry about your competition. If you can outdo a cat playing the piano or a dog jumping on a trampoline, you stand a chance with internet virility. Getting back to my previous point of economic progress, a combination of economic progress and connectivity can exponentially scale any audience it is serving.

So before we part ways on this post I would like to leave you with what inspired me to write about an optimistic future. This is a video about Elon Musk discussing his efforts to colonize Mars. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!