The Speed of Light and The Bible

What is the future of a faith based religion?

A religion that is based on faith needs to have a massive amount of community support to hold up claims that cannot be scientifically proven. We are beginning to run into this problem with the Bible with the constant progress of science and technology. For example, in Genesis the creation was to have happened between 6000 and 7000 years ago. This doesn’t exactly “add” up to new scientific discovery and engineering. Mathematics is also becoming an issue suggesting the world is much older than the Bible states. For example, the speed of light is estimated around 140,000 miles per second. We are able to understand the distance of stars based on the number of light years. A light year is the distance of light traveled in one year.

The farthest galaxy from Earth known today is MACS0647-JD and it is an estimated 13.3 billion light years from Earth. Distance is a key factor when calculating time. Therefore these new discoveries are detrimental to this claim in the Bible of an Earth less then 7000 years old.

I am curious to find out your all’s insights on the matter. As there is not much you can say to disprove mathematics when we have such powerful instruments available today that were not accessible 2000 years ago.