Psalm – which one to choose?

I have a lot of Christian friends telling me they are believers because of the beauty of the Psalms. Now, this is nothing I haven’t heard before and I can say that, Yes! Most definitely the Psalms are exquisitely written in such a manner one can devote their entire way of life in guidance of it. And that brings me to the main discussion point of this post. Guidance. We look to be guided as humans. We look for markers laid out for us to follow. How else can we survive? We need guidance. And sometimes that means we need it in a bad way. I know you can relate when I say I have trusted someone’s guidance before that ended up turning into malicious manipulation.

The Psalms will never guide you into the dark. They will never deceive you in the night. They will never abandon you of their beauty and love for truth. They are always my go-to when I need guidance I can trust and believe in. Its too bad that the Psalms are not more widespread than they are, meaning only Christians or Catholics have access to their beauty. I think if we took a more open minded approach towards our religion we could spread the words written in these poems that are so dear to our heart.

If you know someone who is struggling with guidance or any issues related, offer them the Psalms and let that be their guide. No need to mention anything about God as it is not relevant to the discussion.