Staying on the Path

Yes ladies and gentleman, staying on the path is the only way for success, but can you stay the straight and narrow without first straying from the path. The answer is no. Everyone’s path is different. Therefore you will learn to blaze your own trail only my making bad decisions. The mistakes in life are what give us the opportunity to become great.

How many mistakes must we make before we learn to walk the straight and narrow? The fastest way to success, as they say. With God, we will be guided. We will be tested. Why would God lead us down a path where we will be tested? He knows that is the only way for us to succeed. We cannot overcome adversity if there is none! In actuality we should embrace the adversity when it arrives. These opportunities build character, sharpen our discernment, make us wiser, and the list goes on.

Embrace the change when we come to a fork in the road! God will be with us down either path we choose. No decision is the wrong decision! The only way forward is to make one. That is the first test. We must not stay put, we must push forward in order for God to test and build our character. This is the way we stay on the straight and narrow path to success. By making decisions and pushing forward until we are blazing the trail in triumph and gratitude to our God. Whoever that may be for you.