The Difference Between God and the Devil

god against the devil

Differences between God and the Devil

Due to different religious beliefs and teachings all over the world, most people are not able to distinguish between God and Satan. As a result of this, most people have found themselves worshiping the devil without their knowledge. The following are the main differences between God and Satan

God is the creator of everything while Satan is a creature. According to Genesis chapter one, God created heaven and earth.Only his spirit was moving over the waters at the beginning. Lucifer was the servant of God and he was given the position of the chief musician (Ezekiel 28:1-16). Due to pride and rebellious, he wanted to take the place of God and this made God to cast him down to earth, and his name was changed to Satan.

All power and authority belong to God, but Satan only counterfeits this power. This is evidenced well through the creation story as God used word to create everything.He had the power to silence the water in the red sea as well as giving life to dead bones according to Ezekiel 37. On the other hand, Satan never gave life to anybody, he never performed any miracle and the miracle he did of turning rod to a snake, his snake was swallowed by God rod. According to Ephesians 1: 21, after Jesus resurrected God gave him power over all principalities and authority implying that Satan has no power or authority.

God is unchangeable and has a good plan towards man kind while the devil is wicked killer and destroyer. Revelation 22:13 the Bible records that God is alpha and omega meaning that he is the same today, yesterday and forever.God always has good plans for humankind to bring hope and bright future.Satan is the wicked spirit and he brings temptation to man.After God had created Adam and Eve, Satan in the form of snake appeared to them and through his lies, he lured them to sin thus separating them from God. In the book of Job chapter one to five, Satan also visited job and afflicted him with all sort of sicknesses leading to death of all his sons.

Satan works with demons and evil spirits and their destination is hell while God collaborates with Jesus and the holy spirit and heaven are his dwelling place. John 14:6 records that Jesus is the way the truth and life and no one can go to the father except through him. It further explains that Jesus went to prepare a place(Heaven) for righteous people. On the other hand, 2nd Peter 2:4 records that God did not spare Satan and his evil spirits after rebelling him and he have already cast them in hell.

Satan came to still and destroy (John 10:20-29) humanity while Jesus comes to save what devil had stolen. Jesus saved us from sin through dying on the cross and through his blood we are purified. Satan stills humankind through sinning thus separating them from God.( Roman 6:23) records wages of sin is death but fruit of righteousness is eternity.


Written by: Kasinadaf