Having a Strong Roof Over you Faith

The need to have a strong foundation in your faith in pertinent to your success throughout this life. Especially today with som many temptations in front of us at all times. Recently I contacted a roofing company in Nashville, TN to have a roof inspection done on my house. After a storm came through, a slow leak started dripping from my roof. This small roof leak over time would have ultimately brought down my entire house if not diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner. That is analogous to our lifestyle today in this modern world of temptations, which can be seen as leaks in the roof over our faith.

There is only so much one can do to shield themselves from the onslaught of social media, TV media, etc. However, there is a great opportunity here to strength our house, our faith, and our religion of communion with God. This roofing company which inspected the roof leak decided that the storm ripped back one of the shingles enough to let a stream of water in when it rains. Below the shingles are more layers of roofing in which was not sealed properly. Water is an interesting thing, as it will find the lowest point to either sit in or continue flowing. Luckily the roofing under the shingles was not sealed correctly letting the water flow through into my house so I could be aware of the leak, otherwise, it would have pooled up creating a large amount of water within my roofing, which would have caused much more damage to my property.

There is a great lesson to be learned here. What do you see as leaking in your faith with God? Has a storm come through your life, pulling back some the material that holds your faith together? If so, are you willing to take notice of this leak and repair the damages that have been done in order to save your faith? I hope the answer is yes. Otherwise, just like the Nashville roofing company who inspected my house said, the damages would have been much greater in the long run if not assessed immediately. Had I not called the company to start the process, I would not have repaired the leak. Who do you need to call to repair the leaks in your faith? Possibly your pastor, maybe your mother or father? Whoever it may be, you need to go ahead and reach out to them immediately. Start the process today. You owe it not only to yourself but also to Jesus Christ as he died for your sins on the cross.

I hope you have learned something today about faith is the foundation of your communion with God. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me, you can contact me here. Reach out to your local ministry today, heal yourself and your faith before it is too late.

Thanks for reading, GOD bless.

The Difference Between God and the Devil

Differences between God and the Devil

Due to different religious beliefs and teachings all over the world, most people are not able to distinguish between God and Satan. As a result of this, most people have found themselves worshiping the devil without their knowledge. The following are the main differences between God and Satan

God is the creator of everything while Satan is a creature. According to Genesis chapter one, God created heaven and earth.Only his spirit was moving over the waters at the beginning. Lucifer was the servant of God and he was given the position of the chief musician (Ezekiel 28:1-16). Due to pride and rebellious, he wanted to take the place of God and this made God to cast him down to earth, and his name was changed to Satan.

All power and authority belong to God, but Satan only counterfeits this power. This is evidenced well through the creation story as God used word to create everything.He had the power to silence the water in the red sea as well as giving life to dead bones according to Ezekiel 37. On the other hand, Satan never gave life to anybody, he never performed any miracle and the miracle he did of turning rod to a snake, his snake was swallowed by God rod. According to Ephesians 1: 21, after Jesus resurrected God gave him power over all principalities and authority implying that Satan has no power or authority.

God is unchangeable and has a good plan towards man kind while the devil is wicked killer and destroyer. Revelation 22:13 the Bible records that God is alpha and omega meaning that he is the same today, yesterday and forever.God always has good plans for humankind to bring hope and bright future.Satan is the wicked spirit and he brings temptation to man.After God had created Adam and Eve, Satan in the form of snake appeared to them and through his lies, he lured them to sin thus separating them from God. In the book of Job chapter one to five, Satan also visited job and afflicted him with all sort of sicknesses leading to death of all his sons.

Satan works with demons and evil spirits and their destination is hell while God collaborates with Jesus and the holy spirit and heaven are his dwelling place. John 14:6 records that Jesus is the way the truth and life and no one can go to the father except through him. It further explains that Jesus went to prepare a place(Heaven) for righteous people. On the other hand, 2nd Peter 2:4 records that God did not spare Satan and his evil spirits after rebelling him and he have already cast them in hell.

Satan came to still and destroy (John 10:20-29) humanity while Jesus comes to save what devil had stolen. Jesus saved us from sin through dying on the cross and through his blood we are purified. Satan stills humankind through sinning thus separating them from God.( Roman 6:23) records wages of sin is death but fruit of righteousness is eternity.


Written by: Kasinadaf

Are You Going To Mars? Nephew Says He Wants To Be The First Plumber On Mars

Okay so first of all, never saw this coming in my lifetime. If you are living today then you are probably aware of the internet. If you are aware of the internet, I am sure you have a social profile and have been introduced to Elon Musk’s grand plan to colonize mars. If you haven’t, well my nephew has and now he is determined to be the first plumber to walk the red planet. He’s forward thinking, what can I say – he gets it from me. His company http://starplumbingcompany.com/ is destined to be the first LLC on mars, specializing in water heater repairs! In all seriousness, someone is going to need to be in charge of the plumbing. Think about it, out of all the plumbers in the world there are only a small handful who are even looking for an opportunity like this one. He is young and has been in the business for a while, why not shoot for the stars? Or a the closest planet.


I wonder what they have in mind for plumbing on Mars? I am guessing that it will be some kind of composting set up but maybe they will simply burn it off. The innovations to plumbing that will be made with our adventures to nearby planets will be nothing short of remarkable. This goes for all industries across the board. The new products will be marketed as “mars patented hot water heaters” and so forth. Supposedly Musk plans on having a colony on Mars before his death and honestly, I hope so! If my nephew is still in the plumbing business, and I am sure he will be, perhaps and can offer his skills on the red planet. A plumbers service fee for traveling thousands of miles should be at least $500 bucks an hour! All joking aside, my nephew is constantly talking about the mars mission, and I wish him the best of luck for pursuing his dreams.

What are your thoughts on Musk’s mission to Mars? Is this apart of God’s plan? Are we destined to be the space travelers Musk expects of us?

A lot of people in my community think it is absolutely ludicrous to think humans should be populated other planets, especially when there is so much work to be done. I have become quite fascinated with Elon Musk over the past few years and saw an interview where he was proposed the same objection. Paraphrasing what he said, basically the cost to explore the multi planetary mission is only a fraction of the cost of the US budget. He continues by saying it is smart to allow a fraction of the cost to be put towards the our future livelihood outside of planet Earth. He sees the mission as “insurance for our species to survive unpredicted incidents that could kill us all off”. I say fair game! He explains it so well that one cannot disagree with his reasoning other than harboring conflicting theological opinions.

If I can recall the bible doesn’t say anything about the manned departure from earth or anything close to it. And it certainly doesn’t state plumbers are not allowed to work on Mars!

Creating The Right Environment For Our Future

I’d like to start this post off by saying I am very optimistic for the future of humanity. There is no good reason to be pessimistic right now while we are living in the greatest times of human existence, and I sincerely mean that. There has never been so much innovation, economic progress, or connectivity that there is now. Sustainable movements are on the rise, deep conversations regarding faith whether in God or in Humanity, and people are beginning to bring the conversation of racism to the forefront of mainstream media. Compared to the barbaric days of past, human rights today are continuing with more freedoms than ever before.


How many of you growing up ever thought we would make it to the moon? Many of you are old enough to remember that was actually a feat our race has not yet surpassed. Can you believe we were actually living in a world where sending a rocket to the moon was not yet actualized? Now, our next efforts in space are aimed at the planet we call Mars. Elon Musk and Space X have dedicated their existence to bringing this new extraordinary expedition to reality. However this mission will not be to land on the moon to never return, but to colonize the surface of Mars with humans equipped with sustainable technology allowing them to live indefinitely on the surface of the planet.

Economic Progress

How many people do you know in your circle that have expressed the idea of living with the “new rich”? Or perhaps you have read the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, and you know where I am going with this. Given the vast reach the internet has on our society today, the ability to generate income for our family or Church has dramatically improved. It would be extremely advantageous of anyone reading this to learn a new skill that they too can monetize while online. I am guess that many of you spend roughly 4 hours a day online anyways. See my point?


This last section follows up economic progress by stating the obvious, our potential to connect with the masses now is actually achievable. With 1 viral video, you could literally reach millions of people over night. What will you say? What do you have to contribute? I assure you it doesn’t have to be anything special as all you have to do is scroll through Facebook to see that cat and dog videos get the most attention and engagement. So need not worry about your competition. If you can outdo a cat playing the piano or a dog jumping on a trampoline, you stand a chance with internet virility. Getting back to my previous point of economic progress, a combination of economic progress and connectivity can exponentially scale any audience it is serving.

So before we part ways on this post I would like to leave you with what inspired me to write about an optimistic future. This is a video about Elon Musk discussing his efforts to colonize Mars. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Staying on the Path

Yes ladies and gentleman, staying on the path is the only way for success, but can you stay the straight and narrow without first straying from the path. The answer is no. Everyone’s path is different. Therefore you will learn to blaze your own trail only my making bad decisions. The mistakes in life are what give us the opportunity to become great.

How many mistakes must we make before we learn to walk the straight and narrow? The fastest way to success, as they say. With God, we will be guided. We will be tested. Why would God lead us down a path where we will be tested? He knows that is the only way for us to succeed. We cannot overcome adversity if there is none! In actuality we should embrace the adversity when it arrives. These opportunities build character, sharpen our discernment, make us wiser, and the list goes on.

Embrace the change when we come to a fork in the road! God will be with us down either path we choose. No decision is the wrong decision! The only way forward is to make one. That is the first test. We must not stay put, we must push forward in order for God to test and build our character. This is the way we stay on the straight and narrow path to success. By making decisions and pushing forward until we are blazing the trail in triumph and gratitude to our God. Whoever that may be for you.

The Speed of Light and The Bible

What is the future of a faith based religion?

A religion that is based on faith needs to have a massive amount of community support to hold up claims that cannot be scientifically proven. We are beginning to run into this problem with the Bible with the constant progress of science and technology. For example, in Genesis the creation was to have happened between 6000 and 7000 years ago. This doesn’t exactly “add” up to new scientific discovery and engineering. Mathematics is also becoming an issue suggesting the world is much older than the Bible states. For example, the speed of light is estimated around 140,000 miles per second. We are able to understand the distance of stars based on the number of light years. A light year is the distance of light traveled in one year.

The farthest galaxy from Earth known today is MACS0647-JD and it is an estimated 13.3 billion light years from Earth. Distance is a key factor when calculating time. Therefore these new discoveries are detrimental to this claim in the Bible of an Earth less then 7000 years old.

I am curious to find out your all’s insights on the matter. As there is not much you can say to disprove mathematics when we have such powerful instruments available today that were not accessible 2000 years ago.

Building Faith in Business

Is it possible to build faith overtime without doubting oneself or doubting God’s plan and God himself as the Creator? Is it possible to never have doubts when it comes to a faith based lifestyle in todays society?

We are constantly being tested and tried by our peers and ‘leaders’ when we look to God for answers in which we do not have. If we are raised in this environment, our faith limits will be pushed to the maximum, sometimes beyond repair. That is why building your faith atop a strong foundation that can hold the weight of mountains is necessary in todays world. My nephew works at a christian based plumbing company in Tennessee, their website http://www.brentwoodstarplumbing.com is bringing them business through church outreach and social media. This is how the decided on building the foundation of their customer base, through church referrals and God’s grace. Today their business is blessed with customers far beyond what they had imagined. Now, I bring this up, not to brag on my family but to point out the benefits to building faith on a strong foundation. As some may not want to believe, the church, also known as the Body of Christ, has a strong foundation still today. This foundation holds up many small business’s and entrepreneurial dreams of living financially successful lives. Which in turn, gives back to the church and the community the church resides in. Building a relationship with church communities like my nephew’s plumbing company did, is a prime example of how our youth can still utilize the church and all its hospitality for growth, not only personal but also business and commerce as well.

Why not, as a faith based culture, utilize the church efforts more often for such advantageous pursuits. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach to business, by backing it with the foundation of the church. This business model should be more sought out and voiced among the world today. We are leaving a heap of people in the dark by not speaking up about such practices. Think about all the people the church has the ability to touch and commune with if we would become more open this way of connecting small business’s of the church with today entrepreneurial community such as my nephew’s plumbing company, and so many more throughout the world.

The opportunity is there. I say we take it. And lay it upon the foundation of God

Psalm – which one to choose?

I have a lot of Christian friends telling me they are believers because of the beauty of the Psalms. Now, this is nothing I haven’t heard before and I can say that, Yes! Most definitely the Psalms are exquisitely written in such a manner one can devote their entire way of life in guidance of it. And that brings me to the main discussion point of this post. Guidance. We look to be guided as humans. We look for markers laid out for us to follow. How else can we survive? We need guidance. And sometimes that means we need it in a bad way. I know you can relate when I say I have trusted someone’s guidance before that ended up turning into malicious manipulation.

The Psalms will never guide you into the dark. They will never deceive you in the night. They will never abandon you of their beauty and love for truth. They are always my go-to when I need guidance I can trust and believe in. Its too bad that the Psalms are not more widespread than they are, meaning only Christians or Catholics have access to their beauty. I think if we took a more open minded approach towards our religion we could spread the words written in these poems that are so dear to our heart.

If you know someone who is struggling with guidance or any issues related, offer them the Psalms and let that be their guide. No need to mention anything about God as it is not relevant to the discussion.

Back To Reality

The last post I had on here was regarding the election and I know a lot of people were feeling like they needed to vent so I thought I would share my two cents in the discussion. Now that I have had the chance to get that off my chest I can get back to writing about God. Yes the man (or woman) upstairs. Church has always been a big part of my life. Growing up as a christian in Kentucky we are all expected to be Christians. To us being Christian was the same as being Catholic. It was all under the same roof. The Catholics had more structure in their approach to God, well in the eyes of Priest anyways. Today, it is a bit different.

Most people I know are Christian, very few are actually Catholic. Where did the cause of this stem from. Was it the structure of Catholicism that prevented my generation to walk in the steps of their parents and grandparents? Regardless of the reason behind the retreat from the conventional Catholic approach to communing with God, it happened. Have you seen the same progression in your area? The ratio of Christian based religions overtaking Catholics at a growing rate? I most certainly have, and am curios to hear some feedback from other folks, like yourself.

Send me an email if you’d like to discuss further or have statistics that I can look at. I’d love to post them here!

A New Day

Today marks a new day. There is a new president in the office whom some would say has less than desirable character traits. Nonetheless Trump will be our new commander and chief. He will have the most powerful office in America with access to control like he has never had before. It will be a trying time for the american public and democratic party. I myself am unbiased towards the election apart from cultural conditioning upon myself that we are all subject to through the vast array of media channels these days. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to have Trump win even if I thought Hilary was the better option, according to media and skeptical peers.

I acknowledge the truth of my ignorance towards the american government and societal system as a whole. Therefore, I did not vote in this election. A friend of mine today said she does not feel informed enough about the election to make an educated vote. Therefore, she refrained from participating. This is the same stance that I took regarding this controversial election. I tend to believe that God will also play a part in all of this somehow. In ways that of course, we cannot conceptualize or understand. The people of America will find what they are looking for in their president elected today. They will not find this today however. But they surely will find it in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled and your minds open. Stay focused on what you believe in. Don’t let the distractions of media and political upheaval capture your dreams.